Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John Carter Poster

There ya go.  The Teaser Poster for Disney's upcoming John Carter.  But even though this poster sports an "M," the Mouse House has decided to leave the "Of Mars" off the title of the cult novel series by Edgar Rice Burroughs (the mad mind behind Tarzan and The Land That Time Forgot).  That just annoys me.  Who wants to see a flick called John Carter?  Not me.  Sounds like some dud biopic.

The new film is directed by Andrew Stanton who helmed the classic Pixar adventures Wall-E, Finding Nemo, and A Bug's Life.  Hopefully he has better luck making the jump from cartoonland to live action than Jonah Hex butcher Jimmy Hayward.  John Carter has been trying to get to the big screen for a long time.  Bugs Bunny director Bob Clampett tried to unleash some animated adventures in 1940, but couldnt get the funding.  Below is a short clip of what that might possibly have looked like.  I can't imagine what a wonderful world we would be currently living in if that had happened.

And since Disney has enveloped Marvel Comics, maybe we'll see some cool graphic novels come our way.  Currently Dark Horse has the publishing rights to the old Marvel John Carter series and they might even have the comic rights for new adventures...but maybe not.  I'm loving the current Dark Horse omnibus (you can open to any random page and soak up some oddball crazy pulp) and would love to see a new series.

And I really just don't want a crappy movie.  Although, that poster (and equally bland title) fails to excite.


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