Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Release Tuesday (6/7/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

TRUE GRIT:  The Coen Brothers grab hold of Charles Portis' novel and thankfully obliterate the awkwardness of John Wayne's sub-par original.  Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon are absolutely fantastic as their respective lawmen, but it's Hailee Steinfeld's show as the biblically revenge fueled little girl and she completely holds her own against the Hollywood titans.  True Grit was easily my favorite film of last year and if not for my irrational (naw, it's rational) love of Miller's Crossing than I could argue it's placement at the top of The Coen Brothers' myriad list of accomplishments.  And yes, cinematographer Roger Deakins totally got screwed at this year's Oscars.


RUBBER:  The strangest, most WTF? element of this film is not that it stars a telekinetic killer tire name Robert.  No, the strangest, most WTF? element of this film is...geez, I couldn't possibly ruin it for you.  All I can say is that if you're a fan of mondo cinema than you really won't be disappointed with Quentin Dupieux's insane experiment in genre.  Plus, Wings Hauser!

GREEN LANTERN EMERALD KNIGHTS:  The Animation folks over at DC Universe really know how to handle their comic book properties.  Sure, there have been a few lukewarm duds like Batman: Under the Hood, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman/Batman:  Apocalypse (hmmm, notice a trend).  But they've also produced some bits of animated genius with Justice League:  The New Frontier and Wonder Woman.  Their previous Green Lantern film was solid, but I'm really looking forward to this anthology vehicle focusing on various members of the Green Lantern Corps and starring the voice talent of geek god Nathan Fillion.

SUPERMAN ANTHOLOGY (BLU):  After the fiasco of the standard def Superman Anthology, I'm more than a little cautious about picking up the Blu Ray version.  Plus, my love of the Superman flicks have waned over the years.  My favorite of the bunch is still #2 with Terrance Stamp's Zod wrecking up the place, but the original film just doesn't really hold up for me and the less said about Richard Pryor and Nuclear Man the better.  Bryan Singer's Superman Returns is better than people remember but it still suffers under Lex Luthor's real estate deal plot.  That all being said, I could easily sit down and watch them in a marathon session.

THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES (BLU):  One of the all time great Westerns and based on the excellent novel by Forest Carter, I've been waiting a long time for this Clint Eastwood classic to hit Blu Ray.  Seriously, it does not get much better than Southern Soldier Josey Wales charging across his Western Battlefield, gunning down the Union Bastards responsible for his family's slaughter.  I really wish the blunderers behind last year's Jonah Hex had paid close attention to Josey Wales (as well as the actual Hex comic book).

THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (BLU):  It's been a long time since I've seen The Man Who Would Be King, but I remember really enjoying it.  Also, Sean Connery and Michael Cain buddying it up as they chart their own little private empire just sounds like a brilliant time at the movies.  But here's director John Huston to convince you:


VERA CRUZ (BLU):  Here is another one that I haven't seen in a long time.  I've never been much of a fan for Gary Cooper, but I absolutely love Burt Lancaster.  And I love that above poster.  Two mean bastards chomping at the bit for each other, about to come to blows.  Ivan Drago vs. Rocky Balboa.  And I love the start of the trailer below:

THE STUNT MAN (BLU):  This is one of those cult movies that took a long time for me to see and when I finally got my hands on the two-disc Special Edition from a few years back I was pretty disappointed.  Fugitive Steve Railsback stumbles into the world of movie stunt men on the set of Peter O'Toole's wacky production.  People seem to really love this movie so I definitely need to give it another try.

THE LONG RIDERS (BLU):  Here's another film that I really, really want to love but just don't.  The film has some pretty amazing stunt casting with David Carradine, Kieth Carradine, and Robert Carradine as The Younger Brothers.  Stacy and James Keach as Jesse and Frank James.  Dennis & Randy Quaid as Ed & Clell Miller.  Christopher & Nicolas Guest as Charlie & Bob Ford.  Yeah, that's kinda awesome.  But the film itself is a little underwhelming.  Definitely worth a look for fans of the genre, but it might not be for everyone.

POSSE (BLU):  Black Cowboys!  What a concept!  Actually, this is a pretty darn good low-rent Western with a pretty cool cast.  My favorite being Tony Tiny Lister's Hulk and Billy Zane's villainous one-eyed Confederate, that man knows how to out-act everyone in the room.  


JUST GO WITH IT:  Resist the urge of Brooklyn Decker's gargantuan cleavage!  Resist!  It's just another crap Adam Sandler movie with a bunch of crap Adam Sandler jokey jokes.  You're better than this...although...that is a lot of cleavage...

SANCTUM:  So James Cameron has some pretty nice cameras.  Okay.  I don't care.


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