Monday, June 27, 2011

Jonah Hex in DCnU's Gotham

I'm sure you guys have heard that DC Comics is relaunching their universe with 52 New Titles in the DCnU.  All these titles will be available in the normal monthly print form as well as the digital format.  My initial response to all this rigmarole was, "Yawn."  Whether its an Infinite Crisis or an Identity Crisis or whatever, it all gets returned back to the status quo eventually.  This is a given when it comes to comics and you just have to accept it.  Okay.

Jonah Hex has always been one of my favorite comic characters.  An ugly Man With No Name type that has been played realistically, futuristically, and bugnutscrazily.  Well, according to Newsarama, Jonah Hex's ongoing title is getting the revamp with All Star Western.  The new comic is still be handled by the duo of Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti, but the stand alone format will finally shift to story arc narratives.  And the setting is switching to Old West Gotham City.  I'm happy to see the stand-alones fall away since Jonah Hex is a character that could really benefit from some narrative growth.  But I'm not to crazy about Gotham City.  Seems a little too gimmicky.  That being said, All Star Western is the only title from the DCnU relaunch that I really give a darn about.  And I really need some good Hex to wash the Josh Brolin taint outta my mouth.


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