Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dork Hero: Isobella Rossellini (Happy Birthday!)

The daughter of a Hollywood Golden Age icon, Rossellini has managed to forge her own crazy path through semi-stardom.  Romantically involved with mad genius David Lynch, once upon a time, she put in a memorable, star making and simultaneously star crushing performance in Blue Velvet.  She has been a mainstay in indie film for years, occasionally having small but memorable supporting roles in more mainstream works.  But through it all, her curiosity and fearlessness has helped create a seldom acknowledged but very real myth cycle.  A modern hero.  A Dork Hero.

When not going toe to toe with Pimpbot 5000, she may be found investigating one of her favorite subjects, the sex lives of bugs.  Taste her mad science...

Happy 59th, and stay classy.  


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