Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Fistful of Bling! (Brad's Picks)

To celebrate Hal Jordan's first foray (and possibly last if you believe the reviews) on the Big Screen, ITMOD is picking the great Cinematic Bling.  And of course I gotta start with Nicolas Cage...

5.  Castor Troy's Golden .45s (Face/Off):  Nicolas Cage's stretchy forehead stares and screams are perfectly accentuated with his John Wooey, duel gold-plated .45s.  If you're a G-Lady pretending to be a stewardess on his private jet you better watch out for their deadly sting.  And he's gonna be all smiles when he dumps ya out the door.

4.  Dracula's Pendant (Dracula):  How do you know Dracula means business?  Look at that pendant on his chest.  The man is all money and Johnny Harker totally wants his hands on it.  Too bad Drac just wants him for his blood and lady.  And that's why you should never be taken in by flashy shiny things.

3.  Jaws' Grillz (The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker):  I'm pretty sure Richard Kiel's Jaws inspired a whole generation of rapper fashion.  And why wouldn't he?  The man can bite through cables and sheet metal.  This bling definitely makes you think twice before taking him on.

2.  Schwarts Ring (Spaceballs):  The perfect weapon for everlasting know-it-alls and as long as your jewel encrusted Schwartz is as big as your opponents than you can take on all the Spaceballs you want.  And it's great for merchandising!

1.  The Gold Watch (Pulp Fiction):  This is some epic bling.  Young Butch Coolidge inherits the family war watch from his father after perishing in a Vietnamese prison camp.  Listen to Christopher Walken's telling of the Coolidge Family Line and you'll fully understand why Bruce Willis looses his mind in rage when his lady forgets it back at the apartment.  But it's his pursuit of the watch that finally gives him the opportunity to earn the family name; going to war against Zed & his Gimp.  The Gold Watch is withoutadoubt my favorite segment from Pulp Fiction.


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