Friday, June 17, 2011

A Fistful of Bling! (Matt's Picks)

 With this week's release of Green Lantern, we here at In the Mouth of Dorkness got to thinking about some of our favorite cool items, magical and mundane.  Sure, the Emerald Knight has a pretty amazing ring, but he's not the only one with some nice swag. 

5.  Willie Dynamite’s Pope Hat (Willie Dynamite):  Willie might not be half as cool as his duds make him look, but you’ve got to admit that is a fine, fine hat.

4.  Roger Thornhill’s Sunglasses (North By Northwest):  Life can get pretty complicated when you’re a mild mannered advertising executive, but when you’ve got a pair of glasses like this (not to mention a gorgeous dame on your arm), you can muscle through a lot of things.

3.  That, Um, Thing (Lair of the White Worm):  Psychedelic crosses, bagpipes, and Roman ruins all make for a crazy film, but when Amanda Donohoe comes out with her…um…well, with a giant…you see, she’s got a…uh, it’s strapped on, see, and she’s gonna…You know.  Black magic.

I've got something extra for you!

2.  Logan 5’s Hand Crystal (Logan’s Run):  Not only does it change color, but if it comes up red, you can get into Sanctuary, meet interesting people, get plenty of exercise, and get up close and personal with the lovely Jenny Agutter.

1.  The Phantom’s Ring (The Phantom):  When you’re slamming evil, you should certainly make it official with this badass skull ring.


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