Sunday, June 26, 2011

Comic Review: Hexed

    Taking the character Luci Jennifer Das Neves aka Lucifer out of the pages of Fall of Cthulhu, this comic series creates a very different world.  Much more urban fantasy than grim horror, it reminds me more of Neil Gaiman than H.P. Lovecraft. 

    The art is very vibrant and colorful if sometimes touched with a bit too much manga influence for my tastes.  And it fits the mood of the story. 

    I guess my problem with the comic is in its actual concept.  In the brief explanation found in the back of the trade paperback, author Nelson explains that he wanted to bring Lucifer into a world not dictated by Lovecraft.  And he does that.  But I would have been more interested in reading about this character doing her thing in a world where the Mythos was still behind every corner, and you didn’t have cameos by angels and demons. 

    Lucifer was one of my favorite characters from Fall of Cthulhu, and I think a solo comic could have been really great.  As it is, it’s only pretty good.  Not bad.  It’s not a bad comic.  I don’t regret spending the time on it.  But I think this could have been a lot better.  By turning it into somewhat typical urban fantasy, it gets lost in a field already oversaturated in the comic world.


Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artists: Emma Rios and Cris Peter
Publisher: Boom! Studios
ISBN: 978-1-60886-045-6
Pages: 112


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