Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dork Art: Super 8

UPDATE:  This is not Drew Struzan.  He is still staying far away from Hollywood.

Finally, we have a poster for the upcoming Spielberg spankfest Super 8 that actually elicits some sort of excitement from this cold, pessimistic fanboy's heart.  After Paramount opening the mystery box to critics, I've read nothing but good things about JJ Abrams' new Kid Hero Sci-Fi tale and it's really good to see this Drew Struzan art poster.  Cuz if you're really going to evoke the joys of Spielberg's Indiana Jones or The Goonies than you gotta go with Drew.



  1. I'm digging this poster! Posters that tell a story are always my favorites. Any idea who the artist is?

  2. Still trying to figure that out. The internet has been very misleading today. Once I've discovered the answer I will share.