Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man Reborn

So, I've been falling behind in my Ultimate Spider-Man but it's been impossible not to catch a few glimpses from this whole Death of Spider-Man thing Marvel maestro Brian Michael Bendis has been cooking up these last few months.  I absolutely loved his Bagley run of the series, thought the second volume was so-so and just faded away for a bit.  I should be picking it back up shortly.  Anyway, that above image is for the third volume in the Ultimate Spider-Man saga, and look at Spidey's new duds.  I gotta say "meh" but I won't seriously judge i.e. condemn until I've read it.  I will say that I'm loving what Mark Millar is doing with Ultimate Avengers, that Blade story had me in stitches.


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