Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Fistful of Ships! (Brad's Picks)

This weekend, The Black Pearl has again set sail On Stranger Tides and to celebrate ITMOD is giving you our favorite nautical vessels (nuclear or otherwise).  Matt chose wisely with his Black Rock and Venture picks and made it a little difficult for me.

5.  The Red October (The Hunt for The Red October):  I'm pretty sure that The Hunt For The Red October was the last film to capture that genuine Cold War fear of Soviet Russia vs. Apple Pie America.  Released just one year after the Wall fell, Russia and America are attempting to hold hands when Sean Connery's mysterious Captain goes rogue with the ultimate weapon of war, The Red October.  It's up to CIA analyst Alec Baldwin to bring in the madman (?) and to capture the secrets of this fabulous stealth war machine.

4.  Radio Rock (The Boat That Rocked aka Pirate Radio):  60s Britain is trapped under the moral clutches of governmental stuffed shirts and it's up to the floating Rock 'n Rollers of Radio Rock to liberate a nation of prudes.  The F Word can set a generation free.

3.  The Erebus (Apocalypse Now):  Martin Sheen's Willard boards the patrol boat Erebus and travels into the heart of Vietnam's darkness to handle Brando's Kurtz with extreme prejudice.  What transpires is an unrelenting napalm nightmare.  And some surfing. 

2.  The Argo (Jason and The Argonauts):  Maybe not my favorite Ray Harryhausen film (that would be The 7th Voyage of Sinbad), but Jason and The Argonauts does have my favorite nautical crew with Nigel Green's joyous & raucous Hercules standing out above the rest as the amazing beast that could easily devastate the Kevin Sorbo variety.  Gods be damned, the golden fleece will be had.

1.  The Orca (Jaws):  A landlubber, a college boy, and a naval hero cling for dear life aboard the tiny Orca as a massive, preternatural monster bashes and munches its way to their gooey center.  Jaws is a Top Ten movie for me.  'nuff said.


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