Friday, May 13, 2011

Two New Trailers I Don't Care About!

I don't generally harp on remakes (heck, The Maltese Falcon you know and love was the second remake of the Hammett novel), but these two trailers for the Fright Night and Straw Dogs do-overs are incredibly bland and just make this fanboy sad inside.  Well, Fright Night I could kinda give a rat's ass about, but Straw Dogs is one of my all time favorite movies and this trailer just seems to steal the original's siege climax and nothing else.  Cyclops and Lois Lane terrorized by slack-jawed yokels.  Snooze.  And was anyone really craving another stab at Straw Dogs?  Does that title have brand recognition with the masses?  Doubt it.  I smell box office disappointment.


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