Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Deep As Hell!" - Nicolas Cage Shows Off Some RAGE!

On the latest episode of AMC Movie Talk, a listener wrote in asking the crew if Nicolas Cage could ever make a comeback from his recent string of B Movie Trash.  The Crew answered unanimously "YES!" and I agree.  He's certainly making a play at respectability with David Gordon Green's Joe, but word from those few that bothered to see it says is"meh" at best.  It's playing up the street from me, but I can't seem to muster up the energy to bother with Mud Part 2.  If you've been following this blog for just a little bit, then you know we here at ITMOD are Cage fanatics.  I love the real-deal stuff like Adaptation & Leaving Las Vegas as much as I love the mega performances of Drive Angry & The Bad Lieutenant. Cage's real problem seems to be rooted in his more recent batch of bland Direct-To-DVD roles.  Films like Seeking Justice, Trespass, Stolen, and Frozen Ground have practically killed my Cage addiction.  Still, I'm waiting for the next Cagesplosion.  On the surface, Rage looks like another bland blahfest, but the walking meme is a perfect fit for a Death Wish wannabe.  Crank up the violence, get creative with the killings, and Rage has the potential for a fun little revenger.  Plus, Old Man Glover is awesome.  More of him in everything please.


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