Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot Tar In The Face! The Final Destination 5 Trailer Is Here!

Plane Crash.  Freeway Pile Up.  Roller Coaster Accident.  NASCAR Devastation.  And now, Bridge Collapse!  I can't help myself, I love The Final Destination franchise.  It's a brilliant Gore Hound premise.  You escape Death, Death hunts you down in the most ridiculous Rube-Goldberg fashion.  To me, David E Ellis' (Cellular, Snakes on the Plane) second film was the best because it was the most ridiculous.  Death By Magnet In Chinese Food!  The less plot these films have the better.  Opening Night with the right crowd and these films can be the height of MST3K entertainment.  Oh, and I am so happy to see Tony Todd return to the franchise.


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