Monday, May 23, 2011

Roger Corman's Sword & Sorcery!

Here at ITMOD we usually don't spotlight far-future DVD releases, but Shout Factory's upcoming Roger Corman Cult Classic release of the Sword & Sorcery Collection is too damn good not to freak out about.  True, Barbarian Queen and The Warrior & The Sorceress were previously released via a website exclusive, but now we have the added pleasure of the bonkers Deathstalker films.  When I was a wee lad and I first saw Conan The Barbarian, I lost my mind for high fantasy adventure.  But there were no Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films.  There were no crappy Eragon adaptations.  But, what did exist at my local Video Library we're cheap but enthusiastic VHS discoveries like Deathstalker and Barbarian Queen.  The Boris Vellejo box art drew me in and the cheezy Roger Corman exploitation kept me there.  The Warrior and The Sorceress is easily the best of these four films, but Barbarian Queen and the Deathstalkers are plenty fun.

The 2 Disc DVD set comes out 8/23 (shortly after Battle Beyond the Stars, The Women In Cages blu, and Streetwalkin) and will retail for $19.98.  No word on a blu ray, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


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