Monday, May 2, 2011

New Release Tuesday (5/3/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (BLU RAY):  $9.99 on Barnes and  You can't beat that.  This is  a bare bones edition with nary a special feature to be found and blurry box art to match (From Dusk Till Dawn 3's Rebecca Gayheart is even misplaced on the back cover), but I'm just excited to have this little bit of modern exploitation madness in Blu.  Seriously, there were not too many films like this during the sanitized decade of the 90s.  I still remember seeing this in the theater, my father leaning over to me and asking "Are you actually enjoying this?"  I shook my head with a non-committal smirk but in my heart I was overjoyed by the gooey gorefest of the Titty Twister's killing floor.  Most people were looking for another QT Pulp Fiction but what they got was a love letter to the ridiculous horror of Lucio Fulci, Dawn of the Dead, and various other exploitation bits of yore.  And ya know what?  George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino are excellent as The Gecko Brothers, Michael Parks steals the show in his first appearence as Texas Ranger Earl McGraw (Kill Bill Volume 2, Planet Terror, Death Proof), and Richard Roundtree delivers cinema's greatest 'Nam flashback.  Yes, where's my old commentary track?  Where's Full Tilt Boogie?  Where's my Ten Minute Cooking School?  "Bitch, bitch, bitch."  Still, so worth the ten bucks.


THE GREEN HORNET:  This should not have been as good as it was, especially for a fanboy like myself.  I was outright disgusted when I first heard that Seth Rogen was taking up the mantel of The Green Hornet.  How dare Hollywood make my beloved film serial/tv show into a Freaks & Geeks comedy show!  Yet, somehow, the movie totally works and it is pretty darn funny.  And just like in Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz is a hoot and a scene-stealer as the insecure Chudnofsky--seriously, he's the only guy in the world I think that could get my butt in a theater playing Water For Elephants.  Jay Chou is, miraculously, cool enough to fill the shoes of Bruce Lee and Seth Rogen makes his dimwit Hornet enjoyable.  Probably the biggest shocker of 2011 so far.

THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH/THE SKULL (BLU RAY):  I have not seen either of these two early Hammer Horror films, but they both co-star Christopher Lee and The Skull also stars Peter Cushing.  That's enough for me.  And the average price seems to be about 15 dollars online.

PENN & TELLER BULLSHIT SEASON 8:  I love Penn & Teller, but my wife LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS Penn & Teller and if she wrote for this blog she'd probably make this DVD set the Must Buy DVD Release of the Year!  But she doesn't.  I do.  And I'm looking forward to the new show but I'm not really chomping at the bit either.  Season 8 sees our magical duo sniffing the manure pilled up around Cheerleaders, Area 51, Fast Food, and Vaccinations.  Entertaining for sure.


KUNG FU DUNK:  First, there was Shaolin Soccer and now there is Kung Fu Dunk.  Sure, whatever.  I'm down.  Plus, that cool buttkicker Kato from The Green Hornet stars and I could easily watch him kick, slam, or dunk on an evil basketball team.  


THE DILEMMA:  You know, I'm not the biggest Ron Howard fan in the world but even I was scratching my head wondering Why The Hell!?!? was he sinking to this level of awful Kevin James comedy--And Dragging Poor Jennifer Connely With Him!  You Heartless Monster!


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