Monday, May 30, 2011

Steve Rogers Returns To Captain America

We all knew it was going to happen.  In July (the same month The First Avenger launches into theaters), the original Star Spangled G.I. Steve Rogers returns to Marvel's Captain America.  And even though some of you might think that the only Cap is Steve Rogers and that this is a good thing...well, I say nay!  The best thing to happen to Captain America was Ed Brubaker, the Winter Soldier, The Death of Captain America, and Bucky Cap.  But then we had to have Reborn  with its LOST-like time shenanigans and we had to have the eventual return to the status quo.  A frustrating reality to mainstream comics.  

Anyway, Ed Brubaker is still with Cap and that's cool.  And I think Steve McNiven is a fine fit for Cap.  And I'll totally be there for the relaunch.  But as a fanboy, I don't have to be happy about anything.  Newsarama has a live chat posted with Brubaker and there are a few interesting tidbits to be discovered.

Bucky, You Will Be Missed


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