Monday, May 16, 2011

New Release Tuesday (5/17/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

DIABOLIQUE (CRITERION BLU):  For the second week in a row, Criterion snatches up the Must Buy pick of the week, but this time I know from first hand, grainy generation one disc experience that this is an absolute stunner of a thriller.  It's best not too talk to much about the crime or the resulting shenanigans, but all you need to know is that Henri Georges Clouzot also directed the magnificent Wages of Fear, so you know it's also going to be beautiful with its terror.  But like last week I'm gonna let Criterion do the real promoting:


THE MECHANIC:  Not a great movie.  But my Statham man-crush knows no sense of reason and there is enough steely-manly Stathamness to guarente its slot on my shelf.  Is it as good as the original Charles Bronson brooder?  Heck, no!  But I'll take the slightly annoying Ben Foster over the ever-annoying Jan Michael Vincent any day.  Plus, you should always be down for Ghost-level villainy from scuzzy Tony Goldwyn.  

BEVERLY HILLS COP (BLU):  Honestly, the Blu I really want is the Beverly Hills Cop II Blu cuz you know Tony Scott's hazy explode-o vision is gonna look oh-so-purty in HD.  But for now, I'll totally take the original, better if not prettier, film.  Beverly Hills Cop is the pinnacle of Eddie Murphy's career; riding high off of the success of 48 Hours & Trading Places, BHC is the just-right combination of action and comedy with few wannabe films (don't worry, I still recognize the greatness of Tango & Cash) matching its brilliance.  Still, this looks to be a bare bones disc...fingers crossed for the Giant Trilogy Box Set in the shape of his Detroit Lions jacket, or maybe Bogomil's head.

GARGOYLES:  I have never seen this 1972 Emmy Award winning television movie featuring makeup F/X from guru Stan Winston and starring the great Bernie Casey as the head Gargoyle.  Sold.


THE RITE:  Based on Matt Baglio's pseudo-Christian Inspiration book, The Rite looks like the worst kind of wannabe Exorcist mumbo jumbo and even though there was no way I would plunk my money down at the Theater, I will pop it to the top of my Netflix cue for a gander.  Anthony Hopkins cashing a paycheck.

THE OTHER WOMAN:  Seems like you can't throw a rock these days without hitting a Natalie Portman film square in the face (Hesher, Thor, Your Highness, No Strings Attached, Black Swan) and I'm almost positive that this melodrama of infidelity and infant crib syndrome will grate the nerves more than pluck the heartstrings, but again, I'll give it a whirl.

THOR TALES OF ASGARD:  I have not been too impressed by the Lionsgate/Marvel Animation movies (Hulk Vs & Ultimate Avengers 1 had their moments), but I'll always give them a shot.  Based on the trailer below, Thor: Tales of Asgard sure doesn't look...good.  The Animation design is fairly agrivating if you ask me.  Still, we will see.

THE VANISHING ON 7TH STREET:  Ten years ago, when I was obsessed with Brad Anderson's super scary Session 9, I probably would have done a blind buy on this flick.  But as my hate for Hayden Christiansen has grown and my less than lukewarm response towards Anderson's Transsiberian festers in my recent memory I gotta hold off for the rental.  Vanishing looks like it could be a cool episode of The Twilight Zone, but it also looks like it could be an overlong episode of The Twilight Zone.

PALE FLOWER:  More Criterion goodness.  Haven't seen this one yet, but I dig Japanese gangster flicks of this era.

REVENGE:  Here's another flick I have yet to see, but damn, look at that above image!  Tell me you don't want to check that out immediately, I double dog dare ya!  

ELEPHANT WHITE:  Kevin Bacon with a South African accent.  Deep Rising's Djimon Hounsou behind a scope.  All from the director of Ong Bak.  Okay.  Looks, so-so but ya never know.

DEEP RED (BLU):  Dario Argento's spiritual sequel to Susperia is nowhere near as colorfully amazing, but there is still some great stuff here.  Or at least that's how my high school brain remembers it...gosh, it's been fifteen years since I saw it last.  Depending on the price, I might just buy this.


THE ROOMMATE:  My buddy Robert tells me that this is a lot of fun, but you just can't trust his opinions.  This PG-13 Single White Female knockoff also stars Cam Gigagagagagandet and despite a not-awful turn in this week's Priest, I really can't stand that guy.


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