Monday, May 9, 2011

Mondo To Release...New VHS Tapes!?!?!?

As if I needed more reasons to adore and/or obsess over Mondo Tees, Badass Digest just revealed that they'll be launching a new line of VHS tapes to all us Film Freaks out there.  First up is 1983's seldom seen Sledgehammer, a film apparently shot entirely on VHS with a budget of $40,000 (according to imdb) and saddled with this catchy tagline, "Flesh Tears - Bones Shatter - The Nightmare Has Begun."

Click on the Badass Digest link for further details including the totally tubular Mondo Video logo.

FYI, for those lacking a working VHS player, Sledgehammer hits DVD tomorrow.  Look for it on our New Release Tuesday post.


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