Friday, May 6, 2011

Fistful of Hammers! (Matt's Picks)

 Thor is in theaters today, so here are a few of our favorite instruments of bashing.

5.   Ivan Moser's Jackhammer:  Oh, Lyle Alzado, we lost you too soon. 

Is that a scope?

4.  That Crazy Ax/Hammer Thing Carried by That Giant Guy Who Shows Up Out of Nowhere in Resident Evil: Afterlife:  What was the deal with that guy?  And where did he find that giant weapon.  It didn't look home made to me. 

3.  The Dueling Hammers from Streets of Fire:  When you’re a biker gang leader who looks like Nosferatu and you’re gonna fight Michael Pare in front of a giant crowd of locals loaded down with guns, the weapon of choice is obvious.  Sledge hammers.

2.  Thorgrim’s Hammer:  Is that a log?  No, it’s Thorgrim’s hammer and it’s got Conan’s name written on it.  The big, silent brute who loved that monstrous snake in the pit, Thorgrim might not say much, but he can sure swing a bigass hammer to devastating effect.

1.  Sledge Hammer:  A man who thinks Dirty Harry was a creampuff, Sledge Hammer and his lovely gun will brutalize and berate crime until it pees itself in fear.  Sure Captain Trunk might get a migraine and Doreau may be a little embarrassed by his uncouth behavior.   But let’s get down to brass tacks here.  He gets the job done.


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