Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jae Lee To Illustrate New Dark Tower Novel

On his website, Stephen King announced yesterday that Marvel artist Jae Lee will provide the art for the next Dark Tower novel, The Wind Through The Keyhole.  Lee joins a fine collection of artists who have lent their talent to the series.  Folks like Michael Whelan (Books The Gunslinger & The Dark Tower), Phil Hale (The Drawing of Three), Ned Dameron (The Waste Lands), Dave McKean (Wizard and Glass), Bernie Wrightson (The Wolves of Calla), and Darrel Anderson (The Song of Sussanah).  Publisher Donald M Grant will deliver a limited Deluxe Edition release of 800 copies signed by King and Lee.  No word yet on the price tag.

I think Jae Lee is a great addition to the series.  His work for the Marvel comic has been outstanding and I also have had the good fortune of meeting the man a long, long time ago.  In 1992, just after Marvel snagged him for their hip, new take on Namor The Sub-Mariner, Lee did a signing at my local comic shop in Burke, Virginia.  I was 12 at the time and I had just suffered a rather painful signing experience with Todd McFarlane at the Philly Wizard Con.  However, unlike McFarlane, Lee was quite kind to this budding comic dork.  And yes, I still have my signed Namor #26.

                   Michael Whelen                                             Phil Hale

Ned Dameron

                        Dave McKean                                  Bernie Wrightson

                   Darrel Anderson                                             Jae Lee


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