Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally Two Great Movie Trailers: The Descendants & Shark Night 3D


I'm a big fan of Alexander Payne's Sideways and About Schmidt.  I think they just contain two of the most fantastic character performances from Paul Giamatti and Jack Nicholson.  And I think George Clooney and Payne are the perfect pair and I just love this mopey dad on display.  Plus, Robert Forster clockin' a punk.  I'm there.


And now for something completely different.  I love dumb, violent, exploitative movies.  Even the modern brand a la Piranha 3D and Snakes on a Plane.  And speaking of the delightful idiocy of Snakes on a Plane, Shark Night 3D is directed by SoaP's David Ellis, who also brought us the fun of Final Destination 2 and Cellular.  Can't wait.


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