Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fistful of Priests! (Matt's Picks)

So, this week, we're looking at our favorite holy men, in preparation for viewing the crazy looking actioner Priest.  I hope the Judge Dredd vibe from the trailers carries through the film.  

5.  Father Vito Cornelius (The Fifth Element):  He knows some pretty big secrets, and might just be able to save the world.  If only he can get a bunch wacky people to work together for five minutes.

4.  Junbao (Tai Chi Master):  This young monk may loose his mind when his friend betrays him, but it’s OK.  Some elemental wisdom and a little help from his friends will re-forge him into a fantastic warrior.

3.  Padre Cortez (Machete):  Vows are all fine and dandy.  But when the crap hits the fan, the good Padre is ready to hit back.

2.  Brother Cadfael (Cadfael):  This wise and gentle old man uses evidence and logic to solve problems during a time when those things were less than fashionable.  And he has iron in him.  He wasn’t always a holy man.

1.  Father McGruder (Dead Alive):  When hoards of undead are attacking your pleasant little neighborhood, I hope you’re lucky enough to have a guy like Father McGruder on your side.


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