Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun: The Game???

Yesterday, we posted Mondo Tees new Hobo With A Shotgun Poster.  Today, comes word that Mondo is getting into the Video Game business...or at least the Itunes App business.  Play as The Hobo in this 16-bit NES style side scroller, blasting your way through endless punks until your ammo run out--then it's time to beat 'em down with your shotgun!

Wired Magazine spoke with Alamo Drafthouse founder, Tim League about this new venture into the world of geekdom.  He expresses interest in other indie App games like the whacked-out mindbender, Timecrimes and I can't help but wonder what a Monsters App would look like.  The game will be available March, 11th and will cost excited dorks everywhere $2.99.  Check out the game's trailer at


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