Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bond, James Bond...Again.

I just read this article from Virgin Media which is almost exactly what I'd have written if you changed the title from "10 Things We Want to See in Bond 23" to "10 Things I Don't Ever Want to See in a Bond Film Again."  Now, I'm all for a proper villain, good Bond women, and a sense of humor, but I disagree with the writer(s) who seems to think the last film lacked those things.  I've written about this before, and perhaps I'll post an article I did last year after watching the whole series in chronological order one of these days.  But I think the Daniel Craig films have been the very best of Bond since the first few Sean Connery movies, and to a large extent,  better even than those deserved classics.  I loved them for eschewing many of the campy elements that had seeped into the venerable franchise, while keeping the best qualities.  And I certainly don't want to see a lot of them come back.  Did they learn nothing from Die Another Day?  Diamond Face.  Invisible car.  Ice castle.  Halle Berry.  Come on. 


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