Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Del Toro's Madness

Deadline snagged Guillermo Del Toro in an attempt to clear up all this At The Mountains of Madness brouhaha.  You've got James Cameron producing, Tom Cruise starring, GDT directing--Not So Fast, Says Universal.

Interview Highlights:

        -- Del Toro implies that he's as shocked as anyone at Universal passing, "The week before the decision, I was scouting in the border of Canada and Alaska. We were a week away from opening offices in Toronto. We were crewed up, and frankly, I am as puzzled as most people are."

       -- Asked if this hurts his relationship with Universal Del Toro states, "That’s still unknown. We have active projects where I’m a producer there and I’m still going to pursue my year and a half or two years I have left in my time with Universal. As disappointed and heartbroken as I am, for the studio, this is a business decision."

       -- Despite moving on to his next Monster Film (with a PG-13 rating) Pacific Rim, Del Toro holds out hope for Madness one day, "...I will continue to press forward. I’m knocking on wood...I spoke to Tom, who has been incredibly supportive and who said, ‘Let’s keep going, let’s make this movie down the road.’ He’s definitely that interested and that happy where we were creatively. So we have good legs to travel on, if the time and the opportunity present itself."

So, basically, I'll believe when I see it.  I'm curious about Pacific Rim.  I think that it's really interesting that they were able to keep its development pretty much under wraps.  PG-13?  Whatever.  Del Toro just needs to get back behind the camera.  Cronos, The Devil's Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy.  These are some of my favorite movies of recent memory.  After the wonky tone of Hellboy II I need to see Del Toro knock one outta the park again.  


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