Friday, March 4, 2011

A Fistful of Anthropomorphic Animals (Matt's Picks)

5.  Blacksad:  This tough as nails cat detective has to solve the most brutal of crimes in a world that resembles our own post-WWII era.  He faces down the mob, crooked cops, and femme fatales.

  4.  Bugs Bunny:  I’ve always had a soft spot for this awful cad.  Bugs is a mean, sadistic, and downright awful person if you really look at him.  But sometimes he does have a perverse sense of justice, and he’s always willing to take a stand. 

3.  Sir Didymus:  He’s not just crazy like a fox, he is a crazy fox.  Didymus is brave way past the point of being foolhardy, but he doesn’t abandon his friends, and when the chips are down, he can take care of business. 

2.  Caesar:  The child of sentient apes from the future, Caesar spent his youth in hiding with circus man Armando (Ricardo Montalban), only to rise up in the face of abuse and injustice, leading his fellow ape slaves in a bloody conflict against their tormenting human masters.  In the theatrical cut, he eventually shows mercy.  It never quite rang true, because that’s not how it originally ended.  Watch the original cut and see how the Planet of the Apes really came about. 

1.  Howard The Duck:  He’s a smart mouthed duck from another world, where ducks took the evolutionary path of apes.  Heavy on social satire and plenty of strange, Howard turns the looking glass back on us, as a good character should.  Plus, in the movie, he hooks up with Leah Thompson, so he’s pretty much my hero.

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  1. I thought we were just picking from movies!!! I would have had Blacksad as my number 2 pick if I'd known and Rocket Raccoon as my number 5.