Friday, March 25, 2011

Fistfull of Punches! (Matt's Picks)

In honor of today's release of Sucker Punch, my top five cinematic punches.

5.  Conan the Barbarian takes out that danged camel.

4.  Mace knocks that crazy blond chick OUT.  (It happens about two thirds of the way through the trailer). 

3.  Lee Marvin’s nightclub beatdown in Point Blank.  You’ll know the exact punch I’m talking about, though the smashed glass is fantastic.  Enjoy the John Boorman madness in this clip, which features the punch.

2.  Zombie Void punches a hysterical party-goer through the back of the head (not for the weak of stomach) in this early Peter Jackson classic.

1.  Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon doesn’t quite pull his punch, dropping Guy.  (This is a whole compilation of awesome, with more than one good punch, but the winning punch is just past the 6 minute mark).

And as an added bonus (?):

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