Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Fistfull of Unwelcomed Visitors! (Matt's Picks)

5.  The Thing:  Are you it?  Would you even know?  Not even Quaker Oats can fight off this shape shifting, body stealing monstrosity from beyond, do you hear we?  Either we’re at war with the Norwegians, or we’ve got Thing trouble.  Bundle up, and don’t go with Windows.  Go with Childs.

Darn Norwegian
4.  The Russians:  Everything was going just fine in Middle America until those Red bastards dropped from the sky and a band of local kids had to go all John Rambo on their butts.

3.  Graboids:  Don’t step too heavy or these beasts from the depths of the Earth will come a’callin.  They’ll eat your truck.  They’ll wreck your house.  And only Alex P. Keaton’s dad has enough firepower to make them pause.

Don't look now, John Bly!

2.  O’Niel:  The mining company has everything all sewed up when a pesky, honorable law man O’Niel shows up and asks too many questions.  One raging, station crawling, pressure losing battle later, profits may never recover.

1.  The Aliens from Third Planet, Black Hole, Outer Space.  These dirty apes will build a robot to kick your atomic powered lizard’s tail.  They are snappy dressers, though.

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