Monday, March 21, 2011

New Release Tuesday (3/22/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

JACKSON COUNTY JAIL/CAGED HEAT (ROGER CORMAN CULT CLASSICS):  Over the past year, my new BFFs over at The Shout Factory have been releasing a steady stream of brilliant Roger Corman ultraviolence to DVD and Blu Ray.  Gems like Death Race 2000, Humanoids From The Deep, Forbidden Planet, and Battletruck.  Their latest release is the amazing double bill of Jackson County Jail and Caged Heat.  Just two absolutely enjoyable bits of 70s exploitation.  Jackson County Jail is definitely my favorite of the two; starring a Rolling Thunder young Tommy Lee Jones and Yvette Mimieux whose cross country roadtrip transforms into a Deliverance-esque saga of humiliation and revenge.  Caged Heat, on the other hand, is just classic Women in Prison flick.  Probably my favorite one of that genre despite the lack of Pam Grier.


THE TOURIST:  There seems to be a lot of hate out there in Internetland for The Tourist, but I found the film to be an extremely enjoyable throwback to Hitchcock's Euro Thrillers.  Sure, the film's climax is a bit of a disappointment, but Depp's bumbling teacher persona and Angelina's classy dame play well off each other, and I found myself smiling doofy during all of their exchanges.  I think sometimes people just like to hate on muchado so-called Hollywood icons.

STAND BY ME (Blu Ray):  Sorry, The Shining.  Sorry, Shawshank Redemption.  Sorry, Graveyard Shift.  Stand By Me is withoutadoubt my favorite Stephen King adaptation.  This story of four friends venturing out into the wilderness in search of a dead body perfectly captures my idolized view of boyhood.  A boyhood that I never experience, but desperately wanted to be a part of.  And no matter how awful Wil Wheaton's Wesley Crusher was on The Next Generation, I just couldn't hate on him to harshly because of his connection to this movie.


GALAXINA/THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER (Blu Ray):  I have not seen either of these two movies.  But I definitely remember that Galaxina VHS box cover; as a child it always looked so delightfully naughty and I would always try to catch a peripheral view in the video store.  Now here's my chance to see it in all its High Definition Glory!

FIREBREATHER:  Based on the Image Comics series by Phil Hester (The Coffin, Ant-Man) and Andy Kuhn, this Cartoon Network original movie comes to you thanks to animator Peter Chung (Aeon Flux).  I really know zip about the property, but this 30 second preview intrigues me enough.


SKYLINE:  Seriously, just do yourself (and the world) a favor and save your time and money.  Skyline is a total bore.  You're trapped in an apartment complex with just two of the most clichéd douche bags while aliens try to take Los Angeles.  The last five minutes are crazy goofy and if they had happened in the first five minutes than there might have been a proper movie here.  Instead, all you've got is drivel.

YOGI BEAR:  Yes, the tagline reads "Great Things Come In Bears."  That is not photoshop.  That is fact.  And that is all the enjoyment you will get out of this movie.


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  1. Unfortunately, Brad, Galaxina is excruciatingly dull. The cover was the best part. Though watching it with someone might be fun.

    And the 'avoid' for Skyline goes double for me. What a load of boring crap that was.