Saturday, March 26, 2011

Duran Duran and David Lynch?

You ever see something that just looked completely out of place, though clearly deliberately put there, and wonder what chain of events must have happened for you to witness it? 

Well, that's how I felt today when I started reading about David Lynch directing a Duran Duran concert video.

Look, the 80s were pretty important to me, and in a lot of ways, the music was a soundtrack of my youth, but I never much cared for Duran Duran.  Oh, sure, now I can rock out to them on a Best of the 80s compilation, but the were never really my bag.  I liked that Rio video, 'cause there was a cute girl running around.  But otherwise...Meh. 

I'm on a boat!

However, David Lynch is one of my favorite directors.  No, I'm not one of those snotty, turtleneck wearing punks who claims to 'get' Lynch.  I just enjoy his work, as I really think he wants it enjoyed.  I watch it.  I'm not gonna sit around and debate the deeper meaning of that knocked over clock in the background, because there probably isn't any.  It was there.  It looked good.  Lynch kept it.  That really seems to be how he works.  And any meaning we find in the film comes largely from what we bring to the table when we watch it. 

And, yeah, I'll watch whatever he does.  I don't always love it.  Inland Empire is an epic of surreal film making, but not something I'm gonna just pop in and enjoy for a night. 

But now, I just want to know the series of events that unfolded, putting David Lynch in the director's chair for a Duran Duran concert.  Don't know if I'll ever find out.  So, here's a sample...



  1. People who "get" Lynch generally annoy me. The man himself has said numerous times that not everything he does has a deeper symbolic meaning. Sometimes he just wants to do something cool.

  2. But doesn't that defeat the existential commentary put forth? I mean, is his work with Duran Duran a surrealist commentary on the tug of nostalgia within all of us?

    Heh. Sorry. Had to do that.