Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Release Tuesday: DVDs!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

OUT OF SIGHT (Blu Ray):  Despite my initial appreciation for George Clooney in Return of the Killer Tomatoes and From Dusk Till Dawn, I was not too impressed with him after seeing a string of pretty rotten stinkers (One Fine Day, Batman & Robin, The Peacemaker).  But with Out of Sight, Clooney became the King of Cool.  Throw in indie-stylist-goin-for-mainstream-gold Steven Soderbergh, Elmore Leonard's crackerjack dialog, and a smokin'-hot-at-the-time Jennifer Lopez and you've got one Super Cool TNT crime flick that stacks up against the best of genre cinema.  And yes, thanks to Get Shorty, Jackie Brown, and Out of Sight we have the badass Justified on tv.  That alone should force you to run to your nearest outlet and snatch up Out of Sight.


FASTER:  Look, I'm not going to lie.  I have an unhealthy appreciation for The Rock.  I've loved him since The Scorpion King (and that's despite me shaking my fists through the entire proceedings & screaming where are all those Mummy Returns monsters!!!).  And I've thoroughly enjoyed him in such personal favorites as The Rundown, Walking Tall, Doom, Southland Tales, The Tooth Fairy, Planet 51, and The Other Guys.  So, yeah, take whatever I say with a grain of salt...but FASTER is withoutadoubt the best film in The Rock's oeuvre (hm, look at me using arty words).  FASTER is classic Charles Bronson Revenge exploitation.  It's not an action film.  It's a killfest.  Someone's responsible for his brother's death and he's gonna find him, kill him.  It's inevitable.  Plus, Billy Bob Thornton is all kinds of pathetic here and it's a must-see performance.

DR. BLACK MR. HYDE:  First off, I have yet to see Dr. Black/Mr. Hyde.  I don't know if it's genius or crap.  But it has to make my BUY list simply because it's one of the few films starring Ex-49er turned Badass Actor Bernie Casey.  Casey of course was seen all over the 70s and 80s with bit roles in Black Gunn, Cleopatra Jones, Spies Like Us, Revenge of the Nerds, but he only really starred in two flicks:  Hit Man, the Blaxploitation adaptation of Get Carter and Dr. Black/Mr. Hyde.  Oh, and FX Wizard Stan Winston had his hand in this as well.  So, yeah, buy it and let's all hope it's more Blacula and less Blackenstein.


127 HOURS:  A truly powerful movie that I never want to see again.  There really is not a story here.  Mountain Dew Extremer James Franco doesn't let anyone know where he's going, gets trapped under a rock, has a miserable batch of days, cuts off his arm, emotional release, roll credits.  I don't mean to sound trite.  The emotional release I experienced had me in tears.  It's AWEsome.  It's an experience and it should be experienced.  Once.  I couldn't possibly go through it again unless I'm doing a Danny Boyle week or something.  But you should definitely check it out.

LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS:  Seems like the only thing people talk about with this movie is that Anne Hathaway shows a little skin.  Okay.  It's on my Netflix cue and should arrive at my doorstep sometime 2012.  Honestly, I'm not the biggest Hathaway fan.  She was decent in Brokeback Mountain.  But I hated that Havoc movie of hers (a flick I'm sure she shows more skin in than this).  And she's the new Catwoman...curious.  I was at one point obsessed with Bubble Boy Jake Gylenhaal but that's been waning of late.  Still, want to check it out.  Plus, I love that Olly Moss poster above.

BURLESQUE:  I know, this is where I lost you.  Well, in my defense, I have yet to see this trainwreck.  I hear it's terrible.  But I'm cat killing curious.  And I'm in the mood for some Showgirls awfulness.

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