Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poster: The FP!

Drafthouse Films has released the poster for the Dance Dance Revolution Post Apocalypse movie, The FP.  And I think I like it even more than Tyler Stout's Mondo poster from last year...but that could just be cuz I love the tagline "An Ancient Game Becomes A Deadly Sport."

From the moment I saw the SXSW trailer I was in love with this bit of nutso cinema.  Seriously, what crazy brains came up with this concept?  Co-Director Brandon Trost was the cinematographer on both of the Crank films as well as Neveldine & Taylor's Ghost Rider 2.  His brother and fellow co-director Jason Trost had small roles in MacGruber, Crank 2, Rushmore, and KAZAAM!  He also stars in this film as JTRO.

I really hope this film lives up to the bonkers trailer.


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