Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Release Tuesday!!! (2/27/12)

With the Oscars just days behind us it's nice to snatch up my favorite movie of the nominated as my--

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

HUGO:  Yes, yes, I'm happy enough that The Artist won Best Picture.  It was a great movie and I don't care what all the backlash haters have to say about it.  That being said, Hugo was my #1 movie of 2011 and it's been several years since my Top Film of the Year even got a nomination at Academy Awards.  And that's nice for me.  Sure, the Oscars are nonsense but its always fun to find an excuse to talk movies whether they're bought or naught.  Anyway, Hugo is a film that just fills me with great gobs of pleasure. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  You want to have an inkling of how & why I love movies?  Watch Hugo.  And it's the first Blu Ray release that tempts me to purchase a 3D Television.  It took a true master like Scorsese to teach me the true joys of environmental 3D vs gimmicky Jaws 3D.  Both have value.


SCARLET STREET (BLU):  Watched this for the first time a couple years back.  Fritz Lang's direction doesn't knock you on your feet the way previous efforts like Metropolis or M do, but Scarlet Street is still a damn fine looking noir.  And Edward G Robinson is so wonderfully pathetic in this film and Dan Duryea is such a wonderful tool.  Thank you Kino for giving the film the top blu ray treatment.


THE SPIDERS (BLU):  And then Kino has dropped there keen eye onto the earliest surviving Fritz Lang silent (1919) and I have never seen it.  And I so desperately want to.  Strange Western Adventure, sign me up.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - DOOM:  I do enjoy these DC Animated films, but there last batch of Justice League films have failed to impress.  This one comes from the same creative team as Crisis on Two Earths film and that was mediocre at best.  This one is based on Mark Waid's Tower of Babel story arc and involves all the baddies discovering all the goodies weaknesses.  It's a fun trade with serious animation potential.  Fingers crossed and all that.

BENEATH THE DARKNESS:  The first time I saw the trailer to this movie I cracked up.  Dennis Quaid's serial killer looks oh so serious.  But the movie itself looks like garbage.  Still, I'm gonna check it out for the Quaid factor.

MISS BALA:  Apparently this is a pretty badass flick from Mexico.  Gotta check it out.

BABA YAGA (BLU):  I'm pretty sure I've already seen this film, but maybe all I've seen are the various Euro Slut stills splattered around the internet.  Whatever the case I totally need to see it again.  And in high definition!


THE MANIONS OF AMERICA:  Look, I know it's tempting to finally see James Bond make out with Voyager's Captain Janeway but make no mistake, this is terrible.


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