Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dork Art: Machete Kills!

Coming Soon has the Machete Kills sale promo poster and it is Trejotastic!  Peronally, I enjoyed the first Machete film but I also didn't love it in the same way I've loved other Robert Rodriguez flicks like Desperado or From Dusk Till Dawn...or Sin City or Planet Terror for that matter.  That being said, I'm totally down for more Machete films.

What Coming Soon says, "Rodriguez had announced last summer that Machete Kills was greenlit and will include a Grindhouse-style trailer for the third (at the moment fictional) entry in the "Machete" franchise, Machete Kills Again... In Space!  The new film is said to have Machete teaming with the U.S. Government to take on a Mexican drug cartel and a James Bond-style villain who seeks world domination with a satellite weapon."

Whoa, James Bond-style villain?  Machete in Space?  Hells to the Yeah.  But let's keep the Jessica Alba to a minimum.

Bonus Art:

Reelizer also shared this bit of art from Andrew MacLean.  Nice.


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