Monday, February 6, 2012

New Release Tuesday!!! (2/7/12)

The Sunset Limited by Alexander Wells

After finally getting Drive on blu ray last week it's really hard to muster up much excitement for this week's new releases.  In fact, February is looking a little light from here on out.  My next highly anticipated flick is Criterion's Anatomy of a Murder on the 21st with Hugo following on the 28th.  Still at least now we've got...

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

THE DEADLY SPAWN:  "The Movie Real Science Fiction Fans Have Been Waiting For!"  It has been soooooooooo long since I've seen this film.  At least 15, maybe 20 years.  That's crazy to me.  But I remember renting this from Power Video, watching that one tape over and over and over again.  Check out the trailer below and see where Steven Spielberg stole Jurassic Park's severed arm gag from.


THE SUNSET LIMITED:  Samuel L. Jackson saves Tommy Lee Jones from certain doom and the rest of the film details their philosophical debate over Life's Purpose.  Based on the play by Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men, The Road), this HBO movie marks Jones' third time behind the camera and his followup to the modern Western The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.  If you ask me this is the most anticipated dvd of the week, but since I have yet to check it out I don't think I can recommend a Blind Buy here.

A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS:  If you're already not a fan of this stoner buddy comedy series than Part 3D won't convert the uninitiated.  This is pretty much more of the same with the added Holiday Film bonus.  Seeing our favorite potheads teamup with Saint Nick and have their own claymation special is well worth the price of admission.  Plus, NPH & Wafflebot!

TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN PART 1:  Wait, whaaaaaa?  I'm recommending a Rent instead of an Avoid?  I am.  Despite pretty much despising this entire series, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is worth the rent for it's insane Birth Sequence and Taylor Lautner Baby Love flash forward.  One must witness this insanity to fully appreciate America's mental state in 2011.  Put this puppy in the time capsule, future generations will study our sparkly vampire love for years to come.  Also, I'm still waiting for Billy Burke's Charlie Mustache spinoff movie.

ANONYMOUS:  So the guy who directed 2012 and Godzilla wants to tell me this Shakespeare Is A Fraud story?  Do I care?  Maybe a little.  It's going on the Netflix queue, but it's going so far down the list that it probably won't arrive on my doorstep for another decade...I've got too many Andy Sedaris films to watch people.

PROJECT NIM:  Here's another one I don't know too much about other than the excessive amount of praise being directed towards it, and someone told me recently that it would be the perfect companion piece to Rise of the Planet of the Apes or even Project X (the Matthew Broderick flick not that crappy party movie about to hit theaters).   This documentary chronicles the adventures of a chimpanzee taken from the wilds, placed into a brownstone, and raised like a human child.  From the director of Man on Wire, another indie doc darling I have yet to see.


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