Monday, February 27, 2012

Hi Ho Silver!

The Lone Ranger & Tonto by David Palumbo

Currently, Disney's new Lone Ranger is filming in New Mexico under the direction of Gore Verbinski and starring The Social Network's Armie Hammer as the masked vigilante and Johnny Depp as the reliable sidekick Tonto.  Depp has been trying to get this film off the ground for a good while now and after some serious financial backandforth between Verbinski and Disney, the budget has been settled and 2013 will give us the first Summer Blockbuster Western since 1999's Wild Wild West...uh...the less said about that the better.  

Now I hope the film has ditched the rumored werewolf plot, but I'm guessing there will be some serious Pirates of the Caribbean supernatural hokum at play somewhere in the narrative.  And if that's how we gotta play to get kids psyched about Cowboys & Indians again than I'm all for it.  Please, America, bring The Western back to its former glroy.  I've been doing my part with my recent string of Western reviews for cineAWESOME! and after 2010's $100 million True Grit take I think we're more open to the oater than ever.

Anywho, Geek Tyrant via CBM posted the below videos depicting The Lone Ranger's trusted stead Silver practicing the film's big stunt sequences.  The production Silvers are being trained by veteran Hollywood horseman Rex Peterson, who worked on Appaloosa, Hidalgo, The Ring, The Three Amigos, and Leonard Part 6.  

I love this stuff.

Well, however this venture turns out it's gotta be better than 1981's The Legend of the Lone Ranger...


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