Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just One Day Till...Ghost Rider2!!!!

And to celebrate I'm going to regurgitate a whole mess load of Nic Cage madness I found on the Internet this evening while watching the horrendous Mark Steven Johnson Original.

First, you must check out this rather wonderful collection of the 100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes found via Aint It Cool.  Be warned it's Not Safe For Work with plenty of swearing and a little side boob.    And it contains a lot of Deadfall love, which is a film that should only be seen in youtube clips.

Next up, we've got this rather amazing bit of DORK ART from Cody Schibi: Ghost Rider taking on the villainy of Pac Man!

And here's a small video of Nic Cage explaining why it's awesome that Ghost Rider pees fire in the new sequel!

These custom Ghost Rider figures (with built in Fire Pee!) were found over at The Spirit of Vengeance website.

The Shiznit not only had this fun Ghost Rider 2 poster riff on Martha Macy May Marlene, but also these insane quotes from the Spirit of Vengeance press panel.

Finally, I'd just like to point out that I don't Love Nic Cage ironically.  I just love Nic Cage.  Sometimes, it might seem like I'm poking fun or pointing out all the Nic Cage crazy in a negative light, but it's more than that.  I genuinely love the man.  His Bad Lieutenant is one of my favorite films of the last ten years, and he gives a freaking genius performance in Adaptation.  It's easy to crap on the guy these days as he's going for broke in B Movie role after B Movie role, but I also appreciate his "mega-acting" and all his other flavors of crazy.  From Vampire's Kiss to Drive Angry.  And I'm really curious about this new Ghost Rider.  Neveldine & Taylor directed the best Exploitation Movie of the last twenty years in Crank 2:  High Voltage and I think the combination of their EXTREME! skills & Nic Cage's Mega Acting could possibly lead to something beautiful--at the very least, wash the bad taste that the original film left in my mouth.

Plus, the very first Tip Five we did at ITMOD was Fistful of Cage.


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