Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dork Art: Lee Marvin's Kung Fu Grip

Two years ago, the mad blogger known as Howard Hallis constructed this amazing Lee Marvin custom action figure of Walker from Point Blank.  Two days ago I did a double feature of Prime Cut & Point Blank and I'm obsessed with Lee Marvin again.  His Walker might not be the perfect version of Richard Stark's Parker but Point Blank is still far & way the best adaption from those wonderful novels so far.  Again, fingers crossed on this Jason Statham business but the doubts have firmly set in on that venture.

And since watching Point Blank I've been doing my usual internet trolling for the perfect Walker/Lee Marvin art and I've found a couple of extra bits of hardass joy.

Hunting for Walker art and stumbling upon more Jason Statham as Parker set photos got my brain a cranking again on who I would cast as Parker if given the chance.  I know I've stated Mark Valley, John Hamm, and Clive Owen in the past.  But an idea just struck me--how 'bout Michael Shannon!  That guy definitely can fill the shoes of Parker's brutish side.  Before he looses his way in Boardwalk Empire, Shannon shows a lot of promise of Parker's no-nonsense kinda crime work.  And he's got the perfect Jack Palancey sorta mug for pre-Getaway Face Parker.

So maybe after Shannon goes Zod on us in Man of Steel and Jason Statham's cowboy Parker gets America to go Richard Stark raving mad than we'll be granted with another Shannonriffic Parker/Walker/Porter/Whatever.  Yeah, as if.


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