Saturday, February 4, 2012

Max Landis' The Death & Return of Superman

Below is the short film The Death and Return of Superman directed by Max Landis (son of John).  And it's pretty darn funny especially if you were actively collecting/reading comics back in the 90s when all this nonsense went down.  Seriously, what's even more depressing is how accurate this rant is in regards to the ridiculous narrative of the DC Mega Marketing Event.  Booster Gold in space, people.  I remember buying mulitple copies of Superman #75 thinking it was going to pay my way through college.  What a joke that era of comics turned out to be...foil covers, Spawns, and Doomsdays.

Anyway, it's a cool little flick from the writer of this weekend's Chronicle.  I hear good things about that found footage movie but I also can't work up the desire to check it out.  Look for small roles below from Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood (Who Is Amazing As Cyborg Supes!), Ron Howard, Chris Hardwick, and Simon Pegg (Who Is Even More Amazing As Papa Landis!).


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