Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fistful of Colors! (Brad's Picks)

"I'm In Your Shower...Shhhh."

I really cannot wait to see Liam Neeson punch some wolves in The Grey.  Matt & I have been talking about this film nearly since the second it was announced; Liam Neeson has been kicking some serious ass of late with Seraphim Falls, Taken, Unknown, & The A-Team and I don't want him to stop.  Please, no more film's like The Other Man.  We know you can do drama Liam, but we just want you to bust some heads ya vicious bastard.

Anyway, to celebrate I picked a batch of other Color related titles featuring some pretty tough old dudes.

5.  Silver Bullet:  This fairly decent Stephen King adaptation not only features two tough dudes (Everett McGill & Gary Busey), but one's a (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!) a Werewolf! and the other's a friendly Drunk Uncle!  Silver Bullet is not going to win any awards in the scary horror department, but it's a fun little film in that Halloween Marathon kinda way.

4.  Mackenna's Gold:  Last week I ranted and raved about Gregory Peck in The Gunfighter, and now I'm here to sing the praise of his even older, tougher badass performance in Mackenna's Gold.  Held hostage by Omar Sharif's gold hunting gangster, Peck must keep his wits about him as he turns bandido against bandido while also keeping an eye out for rampaging savages...uh, Native Americans.

3.  Red Heat:  Is there anything more badass than Arnold Schwarzenegger's Russian cop playing Bus Chicken with Ed O'Ross' cocaine trafficking maniac while Jim Belushi cowers & screams in the aisle?  Answer, no.  I LOVE RED HEAT!  Is it my favorite Arnie picture?  Not by a long shot.  But that Walter Hill 48 Hours formula is still going strong in this film, and there is enough 80s sleaze to keep that teenager part of your brain throbbing.  Absolute ridiculous action violence fun.

2.  The Blues Brothers:  Jake & Elwood are on a mission from God to save their orphanage and bring the band back together.  And they are ice cold, cool as cucumbers, cool.  As a child, I knew I never had a chance in heck of being this cool no matter how many harmonicas I stuffed down my briefcase.  The Blues Brothers remains one of my all time favorite movies.

1.  Soylent Green:  And here's another film I can't talk enough about.  Seriously, I know you already know the climactic spoiler, but this film is much much more than just its well-known revelation.  Soylent Green is an excellent dystopian police procedural with one of Charlton Heston's finest performances.  Mix in a pretty nifty collection of neckerchiefs, Brock Peters, Chuck Conners, and Edward G Robinson and you've got yourself one helluva night out at the movies.


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