Friday, January 13, 2012

Darwyn Cooke's The Score

Just minutes ago I finished the beautifully slipcased and rather pricey Parker Martini Edition containing both Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of Richard Stark's The Hunter & The Outfit as well as a short, teeny-tiny take on the climax of The Seventh.  And I'm riding high on crime.  I immediately started scouring the internet for word on Cooke's next Parker adaptation and found the above promo poster for The Score over at The Violent World of Parker.  Supposedly, the next book will be hitting the shelves in May.  I know 2012 just started, but we need to hurry on up to that release date.

The Score is a solid entry in the Parker cannon, but even though Cooke seems particularly fond of that novel I would have preferred a more in-depth adaptation of The Seventh, The Handle, or even The Jugger.  Apparently, the plan is to hit up Slayground after The Score so I gotta hurry up with my own Richard Stark reading.  Last year I stalled out on The Black Ice Score...gotta correct that immediately.


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