Monday, January 30, 2012

Dork Art: The Fandom of Francesco Francavilla

I've been ranting and raving about Francesco Francavilla for the last couple of months here at ITMOD.  I haven't quite pinpointed what it is exactly about his style that triggers the primordial desires, but I'm definitely in love with His Love for classic (& not-so-classic cinema).  Today, the postman brought me Schermoscuro Vol 1: A 30 Day Journey In The Horror Silver Screen.  It's a nifty little book in which Francavilla illustrates and briefly discusses some of his favorite fright flicks.  And it comes with a bonus hand drawn sketch at the back of the book!

After quickly devouring the book I headed on over to Francavilla's website and started devouring more of his art.  I Am Just Head Over Heels In Love with his artistic nerding out, and I so want these below images hanging on my wall.  Apparently he sells some of these as prints, but you have to inquire.  After I've saved up some cash, I will surely do that.


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