Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kerry Conran's John Carter of Mars Test Footage

The threat of a John Carter film has been brewing for a long, long time.  But the one version of the film I really would have loved to have seen was Kerry Conran's version.  There doesn't seem to be much love for his Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but I love that little retro sci-fi gem and I could have watched several movies set in that universe.  Well, Geek Tyrant pointed the way to the below link showcasing some test footage done up for the never-film.

Click Here to check it out.

Man, I'm not really so sure about the Wall-E Andrew Stanton Version we're going to get from Disney this year but I think I would much rather see what Conran would have done with this material.  I should quit with all this negative thinking and just hope for the best.  Seems to be working for Matt as far as this new John Carter is concerned.


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