Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poster: Safe + Bonus Dork Art: Crank 2

Why do I like this poster so much?  It's practically just a floating head image but I love Jason Statham's semi-serious, semi-comical expression.  Hopefully, Safe will be a decent flick but I have my doubts.  2011 had three lackluster Statham movies (The Mechanic, Blitz, Killer Elite) and this looks kinda thriller typical, and with word of The Expendables 2 getting a PG-13 rating--AND GOD I HOPE HE DOESN'T MESS UP RICHARD STARK's PARKER!!!!--breathe, Brad, breathe...2012 might not be the best year for The Stath.  Is it too much to hope that 2013 brings us Crank 3???

Speaking of Crank...If you don't already listen to the often hilarious How Did This Get Made podcast with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, & June Diane Rapheal than you better do yourself a favor and download their latest episode, Director's Edition: Crank in which they have co-director Brian Taylor on hand to spill the crazy beans on How the insanity that is the second Crank film got made.  It's a wildly entertaining interview and discussion of the film and it definitely has me psyched to see next month's Ghost Rider 2 from Neveldine & Taylor...and maybe a Ghost Rider vs Crank mashup film?  Too cool for school.

Bonus Crank 2 Art!!!!

by Pene


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