Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comic Review: Rocketeer Adventures

    Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love the pulps, movie serials, and all sorts of retro adventure.  And I guess, like most folks, I discovered The Rocketeer through the film.  But, of course, it was based on Dave Stevens’ classic, semi-underground comics from the 80s.  With a hero echoing the rocket men of the serials, a lovely but dangerous girl in the mold of Betty Page, and all kinds of WWII era espionage and daring-do. 

    For this collection, they got an amazing array of writers and artists together to celebrate Steven’s creation.  One of my favorite comic writers, Kurt Busiek writes one of my favorite tales, ‘Dear Betty…’  And the awesome dude behind the Parker graphic novels, Darwin Cook writes and draws another good one, ‘Betty Saves the Day!’  Ryan Sook’s A Rocketeer Story is a fun vignette, as well.  The short story format, as well as its lack of chrnolology reminds me a bit of another awesome pulp spawned comic series (and the one that pretty much got me into comics), Hellboy.  Very cool. 

    The side of the book says, Volume One, and I sure as heck hope that’s true.  I cold keep reading this kind of thing for as long as they produce it.  The art is generally excellent, the writing very good, and the character a classic.  Do yourself a favor, and check this comic out. 

Rocketeer Adventures
Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: IDW
ISBN: 978-1613770344
Pages: 136


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