Friday, January 6, 2012

A Fistful of Mondo (Brad's Picks) + Justin Ishmael Interview

It should not be any kind of news that I am a huge supporter/fan of Mondo.  Heck, I'm kinda worried ITMOD has become yet another advertising venue for the Austin based company.  But I started collecting their prints back in 2010 with Methanie Studios' The Dirty Dozen and I've slowly been wallpapering my apartment with their fabulous artwork.  Collider recently posted an interview with Mondo frontman Justin Ishmael and you can watch that at the very bottom.  But before you listen to the man, I wanted to give you my favorite Mondo pieces from this past year.  As studio posters get weaker Mondo manages to show them what's what with every license they get their hands on.

5.  Martin Ansin's The Mummy:  I put my nose two inches away from the woodcut variant of this beautiful piece while at last year's San Diego Comic Con, and I came just as close to purchasing it for myself.  But in the pleasure mania of the convention I just wasn't sure what I wanted to blow my money on and just as I was making my mind up to snag this sucker it was gone...sigh.

4.  Jeff Proctor's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  Now, here's a print I did manage to get my hands on and it now hangs soundly above my Marvel hardcover bookcase.  And it's probably the one Mondo print that gets me the most into trouble with visiting guests.  Thankfully, my wife thinks it's beautiful and I'm one lucky husband to have snagged a wife as sick a puppy as me.

3.  Drew Struzan's Frankenstein:  This was probably the Mondo event of the whole year, dragging frustrated illustrator Drew Struzan into their fold of top tier artists.  And I didn't have a chance in hell of scoring a copy in the twenty or thirty seconds it took for the poster to sell out.  The only reason this isn't my top pick is cuz the films below are a little closer to my heart than Frankenstein.  Don't get me wrong, it's a masterpiece of Universal Monster cinema but it's no Wolf Man...blasphemy?  So sue me.

2.  Tyler Stout's Assault on Precinct 13:  One of my all-time favorite low-budget action films, John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 gets the royal treatment from Mondo favorite Tyler Stout and I think this just might be the best print from the man.   It doesn't quite have the typical Stout collage layout and Austin Stoker has never looked so Badass.  And yes!  I actually managed to score a copy of this one and it looks beautiful next to my Mondo Buck Banzai poster above the living room couch.

1.  Olly Moss' An American Werewolf in London:  Done for one of Mondo's Mystery Movie nights, I keep hoping they'll throw it up on their site sometime this year.  But I'm not holding my breath.  Currently, on Ebay, you can get one for as low as $199.  Sigh.  One day, you will be mine.

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