Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dork Art: Black Friday Mondo

Yesterday, Mondo announced a creative partnership with DC Comics.  Their first collaboration is the above poster, The Fortress of Solitude by JC Richard.  Limited to 390 prints and costing $50 it will go on sale some time Black Friday.  It sure is a pretty one but I've never been one to plaster anything Superman in this apartment.  I'm curious to see what comes of this and I'd definitely be all for some Dark Knight Returns imagery.  Anyway, there's an article/interview about the partnership up over at Comic Book Resources that's worth checking out.

On their Blog, Mondo also announced another partnership--Cartoon Network.  Their first piece will be based on Adventure Time, whatever the hell that is.  The two posters below are from Mike Mitchell and are ten bucks cheaper at $40.

I've seen this spaghetti leg dog in a few places across the internet, but I have no real idea what this show is all about is all about.  Justin Ishmael seems pretty dark excited by the whole venture though so I did a little youtube research and this is what I've found.

So yeah, I'll be skipping this print as well.


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