Monday, September 12, 2011

New Release Tuesday (9/13/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

SUPERNATURAL SEASON 6:  I am fully aware that Citizen Kane is coming out today in a really nifty blu ray set, but my Must Buy has to go to Supernatural.  It's a show I never had any real intention of watching, but my sister-in-law kept telling me how great it was and how much I would love it.  I just kept rolling my eyes, sure sure sure.  I eventually picked up the first season for 15 bucks or so, watched a couple episodes, put it away.  A year later I was bored, popped in another episode and two days later I was cranking through the second season.  By the third season I was obsessed.  Supernatural is such a FUN show.  I like to tell people it's the Boston Legal of horror shows.  Fourth Wall breaking left and right, heaps of dork references, and a fantastic bromance...between brothers.  Okay, that sounded weird.  Season 5 saw the Apocalypse and the brothers were left in ruin.  Can't wait to see where they go from here.


CITIZEN KANE (BLU RAY):  I had never seen Citizen Kane till two years ago.  I just never bothered, thought it couldn't possibly live up to the hype.  The amazing thing about Citizen Kane is that it totally does.  Amazing.  What else can I say?  Nothing that hasn't been said a billion times before.  A great film and I'm excited to see it in blu.  Rosebud.

THOR:  If you had told me at the start of the year that I would enjoy the Thor movie more than the Captain America movie I would have punched you in the face--"HOW DARE YOU!"  But it's the truth.  Thor was a lot of fun, not just a tired origin story.  Perfectly cast and executed swimmingly with all the proper dutch angles.  And it's been said elsewhere, but Chris Hemsworth is Thor the way Christopher Reeve was Superman; all followers will be compared to him.

THE EXTERMINATOR (BLU RAY):  Managed to snag a copy from the Synapse booth when I was at Horrorfind a few weeks back, and I've already devoured it a couple times.  Just fun, trash cinema with heaps of weird editing and style.  The opening slo-mo explosion is fantastic.

BAD DREAMS/VISITING HOURS DOUBLE FEATURE:  Haven't seen Bad Dreams for over a decade but I remember enjoying it enough.  Richard Lynch is scary as hell.  Now, due to my Shatner love, I've seen Visiting Hours several times and even though it's not as awesome as I want it to be there is still plenty to enjoy.  Shatner and his pudding.  Michael Ironside and his pretty outfits.  Just creepy, hospital shots.  Another solid double feature from Shout Factory.

BIG BANG THEORY SEASON 4:  Another tv show that took some time to grow on me, but once it attached its suction cups I was hooked.  Yeah, too much damn laugh track even if they're in on the joke.  But lots of fun pop culture and math references keep the nerds happy.

HALLOWEEN II (BLU RAY):  Ok, not a good movie.  But I love how this flick picks up immediately after the first one.  No time to breath.  The Shape sits up, starts killing more teenagers.  Simple.  Effective.  Kills could be better.


MEEK'S CUTOFF:  A New Western!  Rejoice!  I've heard plenty of good things about Meek's Cutoff but my fear is that it'll be arty for art's sake.  I'm not the biggest fans of either Paul Dano or Michelle Williams but Bruce Greenwood...that's a Grizzly Adams I can get behind.  And Donnor Party horror.  Yes please.

THE TEMPEST:  I really wanted to see this in theaters, but nowhere close to me bothered to plop it on the big screen.  I really enjoy intense, off-the-beaten-path adaptations of Shakespeare like Ian McKellen's Richard III or Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood.  Just go for it filmmaking.  Hopefully this is more of the same.

TRUE LEGEND:  More Kung Fu from Yuen Woo Ping.  And this one has yet another one of David Carradine's final performances.  Trailer looks iffy but it looks worthy of a Netflix.

HESHER:  I've heard mixed things and I'm kinda tired of Natalie Portman (except for Your Highness, that movie is stupid awesome).  But Joseph Gordon Levitt as a new metal god legend...that has potential.  But it's probably gonna be some pretentious indie mess.


STAR WARS SAGA (BLU RAY):  I'm putting this here for me as much as you.  The internet has been aflame since learning more of George Lucas' Special Edition tinkerings.  Vader Nooooooos aside, we don't need to buy these films again.  Not until we get a nice print of the original films.  No Gredoo shooting first.  No Boba Fett insertions.  Just the films we saw as kids looking nice on blu.  Until then, don't give the emperor any more of our hard earned cash.


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