Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Fistful of Versus! (Matt’s Picks)

    With the arrival of this week’s The Killer Elite featuring would-be badass Clive Owen (seriously, Clive, you were so awesome for like two years…please be cool again) and Jason Statham, we wanted to looks at some of our favorite stars battling each other.

5.  Andy Lau VS Ekin Cheng (The Duel):  Two stars of Cantopop pick up blades and battle atop the Forbidden City.  What more could one ask?  Oh, how about some political intrigue, multiple film homages, the extremely cute Kristy Yang (and Zhao Wei I guess), and Dragon 9's Buddha Pointer (he learned it while working as a theater usher).  And who can forget Asia's answer to Michael Caine, Elvis Tsui?  But at the heart of all this madness is the build up to an epic duel between titans.  Great stuff. 

4.  Arnold VS Arnold (The 6th Day):  Come on, eventually everyone who’s anyone fights an alternate version of themselves, the only true and worthy enemy.  Kirk did it a bunch of times, because he was just that cool.  Arnold waited a while, but eventually ran afoul of his clone.  Granted, their battle was less than epic, being mostly some harsh words that eventually turned to good natured ribbing.  Of course, their true and deadly conflict came in audio format with Austrian Death Machine’s album Double Brutal

3.  Tony Curtis VS Kirk Douglass (The Vikings):  I still have a hard time believing in Tony Curtis as a tough guy, but when he goes up against Kirk Douglass on top of a huge tower, he makes me think twice. 

It wasn't all smiles and sunshine.

2.  Charlton Heston VS Orson Welles (Touch of Evil):  A Mexican cop (Heston) runs afoul of a redneck police captain (Welles), his life and that of his lovely young wife are in danger.  A battle of fists, bullets, and will.  Two powerful men on and off screen clash and it’s the stuff of legend. 

1.  Ben Stiller VS Owen Wilson (Zoolander):  When two male models can’t seem to get along, they have to settle it the only way they know how.  A walk-off.  So dangerous, so mysterious, so hot, only Bowie can call it. 


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