Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Taco Time!" - New Machete Kills Trailer Looks Cheap & Stupid...I'm There.

The below international trailer for Machete Kills looks dirt cheap and kinda terrible.  Gone is the Grindhouse grit of the original wannabe, but Robert Rodriguez is cramming this B Movie with as many friends as he can - Danny Trejo! Antonio Banderas! William Sadler! Jessica Alba! Charlie Sheen! Mel Gibson! Amber Heard! Michelle Rodriguez! Lady Gaga!  The film can't pay well, so it must be super fun to be part of Rodriguez's DIY process.   The first film was no great exploitation film, but it had it's own special charm, and yeah, I wish Rodriguez was doing bigger & better projects but we're just gonna have to settle for silly, stupid fun.  Sheen - POTUS.  Yeah, ok.


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